Notorious escapee accused of ordering infamous murders in Cardiff has been on a run for a year

By Rimante Bivainyte

It is known that Mohammed Ali Ege escaped the custody of Indian police by removing the window grills of railway station toilet in New Delhi on April 12, 2017. He is accused of ordering drug user Ben Hope and Jason Richards to kill a rival over money, however, they targeted the wrong house and instead killed 17-year-old Aamir Siddiqi. At the time, Aamir was waiting for his Koran teacher at his family home on Ninian Road in the Roath area. He was brutally stabbed to death by Hope and Richards.

This shocking story received attention on a national level with appeals for information that could lead to Ege’s arrest. Nevertheless, Ege fled the UK to France on a cross-Channel ferry – wearing a wig to cover his shaven head. Indian media reported police about Ege fleeing to Spain, Morocco, Senegal, Nepal and Bahrain. Ege is also facing four different charges in India, he has been taken from prison to Patiala House courts in Delhi on April 12 this year, nonetheless, here he escaped.

Mohammed Ali Ege previously lived in the Riverside area of Cardiff and maintains strong relations and links to the city. South Wales Police said that they “believe that somebody in this country knows something about Mohammed Ege’s whereabouts and urge such people to contact us” due to his financial support provided by somebody.