Nuclear Power Plant bid from the Welsh Government ongoing

Green energy: Nuclear plants, such as the Wylfa Power Station in Anglesey, can have environmental benefits.
Green energy: Nuclear plants, such as the Wylfa Power Station in Anglesey, can have environmental benefits. Source: Rodney Burton (via Geograph)

By Luthien Evans | News Editor

It has been reported that the Welsh Government has made contact with the Japanese conglomerate, Hitachi about the acquisition of the Horizon nuclear power project based in Anglesey. This would also include the acquisition of their workers at the site. 

The Welsh Government are said to wanting to hold the caretaker role until a developer can be found. One obstacle for the Welsh Government, however, is the issue of acquisition of the land, which would be an expensive feat.

The company scrapped the initial plans to build the nuclear power plant in September. The project was projected to cost £20 billion. The nuclear power plant proposal of the Horizon Nuclear Power, did not receive adequate amounts of support from the government for the installation of the project. The project was also scrapped due to the lack of private investors willing to get on board with the project. In January, Horizon also withdrew its planning application.

Hitachi have remained quiet on the content of these conversations. However, the Horizon project is set to close next month.

The topic has been raised in the House of Lords this month. Baroness Bloomfield of Hinton Waldrist spoke of the ‘disappointment’ of the withdrawal of the planning application, she further stated the government’s stance of remaining ‘keen’ for a new developer for the nuclear power plant. 

The building of the nuclear power plant in Anglesey falls in line with the UK’s current green industrial plans for Britain, which were stated in December. This potential nuclear power plant may not be the only one to come in Britain in the coming years. Figures state that due to the cost of construction of nuclear power plants, public funding may only allow for the elaborate plans set out. 

Energy experts have discussed this topic at large. Shearwater Energy have stated that a modified version of the plans could be in production by late 2027.

Why is nuclear energy sustainable?

The addition of nuclear power plants into the environmental plans for Britain is a positive step forward to the generation of energy without the use of fossil fuels. Nuclear energy is a zero- emission clean energy source. This is due to nuclear power not burning fossil fuels and instead is created by colliding uranium with neutrons. Another environmental benefit is that the nuclear reactors themselves do not directly create carbon dioxide emissions. 

Furthermore, once the power plants have been built, they are described as fairly inexpensive due to low operational costs and therefore are also good for the economy once operational .

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