Optometry society (Opsoc) is a course based society. The society has been running for many years and very popular between optom students – especially the freshers. Our biggest events is the Eyeball at the end of each year but we have many other smaller events throughout the year too. We have socials regularly – usually fortnightly. These socials are organised by our social secs and have themes. The themes this year have consisted of wild animal social, wild west and 80’s night. These socials are lots of fun and it’s great to see your fellow course mates putting their hair down occasionally away from all the stress the optometry course brings.

Initiation is also a big social this semester where Freshers are tested to their limit with drinking. The theme allows optoms to go crazy with dressing up since the freshers have to come as babies, the 2nd years have to come as chavs and 3rd years come as the elderly. This is to show you age of course!

There are also other day time socials, other than nights out such as Bowling at Cardiff Bay and Varsity between Pharmacy and Optometry. Speaking of which, there is a football team for the boys and netball team for the girls to involved in.

Another benefit of being part of Opsoc is the talks given by chain opticians and equipment companies such as Specsavers and Keeler. These talks comprise of pre reg placements which is a year of training optometry students are required to complete before becoming qualified optometrists. The other talks are companies which advertise their equipment which we have to invest in after graduating. These talks are held in the evenings and for members, free pizza is provided after. This is a unique aspect of Opsoc.

Our next big event is the Christmas Ball where we will all dress to impress and celebrate the end of term. For more information on Opsoc, you can like the FB page which goes by the name: Cardiff Opsoc. Here you’ll find more pics and see what Opsoc is all about!

Opsoc is a great way to get to know your course mates as well as preparing yourself for the future after uni!

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