Park Place off-license plans rejected by council

By Joe Fenn

Plans for a new off-licence on Park Place next to the Students’ Union have been rejected by Cardiff council. The decision was made after the Students’ Union aired their concerns about the effects an off-licence so close to their premises could have.

The proposed off-licence would have stood just one door down from the Students’ Union building and, according to the Union, intended to dedicate 40% of its floor space to alcohol.

The Union were concerned that this would lead students attending events within their buildings to ‘pre-load’ on drink in queues and then end up ‘paralytic’ once inside.

The Union also expressed concerns for the ‘under-age kids’ who attend gigs on their premises and suggested that an off-licence was inappropriate in an area dominated by academic staff and buildings.

When these arguments were brought before Cardiff council, the council ruled in favour of the Union and refused the licence. The council agreed that the off-licence would lead to excessive purchasing of drinks and an increase in alcohol problems around the premises.

They also added that glass bottles bought from the shop may have ended up serving as ‘missiles or weapons’ for intoxicated students.

Finance and Commercial Officer, Nick Matthew, said that the council “quite clearly shared our concerns.” “We are in the business of running a safe bar and night-club” he said “and the idea of students or under-aged kids having access to bottles of vodka 10 metres from our venue runs contrary to our wish to provide a safe entertainments venue.”

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