Pedal to the metal. Cardiff set for cycling revolution

By Rimante Bivainyte

About three weeks ago a new bike scheme has been initiated in Cardiff by an operator called Nextbike which introduced 50 bikes and five docking stations around the city. The scheme is planned to expand with 50 stations and 500 bikes located in the city.

This new project is expected to reduce the congestion, promote a healthy lifestyle and step forward into the car free future of Cardiff. Cabinet member Caro Wild said: ‘This scheme is only part of the cabinet’s plans to improve the cycling infrastructure to encourage people that live in or close to the city to leave their cars at home and consider alternative options.’

In addition, Cardiff Council is aiming to introduce five ‘cycle superhighways’. These ‘superhighways’ would be continuous routes that would separate cyclists from motor vehicles and pedestrians. The first images of this project show the first section that could be installed at St Andrew’s Crescent along St Andrew’s Place and Senghennydd Road. Wild noted that ‘this is a busy route with lots of students and it would start us on our way right up to the hospital. That is a key transport route for us. We know there is lots of demand there.’

Also, cabinet member mentioned that even though the plan is to create the full segregation along the route, however, it may not be possible in all of the city’s locations. He said: ‘People know Cardiff is quite a squeezed city. Its design means we haven’t got a lot of room to play with. We are trying to balance this with buses and pedestrians as well as room for those people who want to drive around the city.’ These ‘superhighways’ are planned to cover five main routes: 1. City Centre to Cathays, University Hospital Wales, Heath High Level and Heath Low Level Rail Stations, and North East Cardiff Strategic Development Site, 2. City Centre to Adamsdown, Newport Road retail parks, Rumney, Llanrumney and St Mellons Business Park, 3. City Centre to Cardiff Bay, 4. City Centre to Llandaff, Danescourt and North West Strategic Development Site and 5.City Centre to Riverside, Ely and Caerau.

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