Peer Pressure: How not to succumb to it

Break the social norm : Source Karen Zhao (via Unsplash)

By Olivia Raciniewska

Peer Pressure, especially at Uni, is a topic which we’re all aware of but one we don’t necessarily like to talk about. There are countless stories which we all hear from our friends and their societies, the drunken fresher who passed out during Pre’s and didn’t make it to the SU or that guy who we saw at the pub during a social who couldn’t look more miserable to be there.

Although there seems to be this sense of pressure upon university students to join societies and get involved with the socials, it isn’t necessarily something we have to take part in. It is okay to say no and choose to do something different without feeling left out. It’s okay to stay in on a Wednesday night and not go out, watch a movie by yourself or catch up on sleep (which you have been deprived of for weeks now). When your friends try pestering you to go out you can say no, as there will be countless other opportunities for a legendary night out.

The same applies to feeling peer pressure if you are not a drinker. Although this may make you feel as if you are left out from the crowd and peer pressured to start drinking. You can still join them and have a good time, you can have a regular coke rather than a mixer, get dressed up and join in on the fun while missing out on the hangover the next day. If you ask me that’s a winner!

It is also okay to be the only one or the first one to say no, I’m sure there are other people in the same group who feel that way too you’re never alone with this. Saying no is nothing to be ashamed of and should be respected as there is so much courage that goes into saying no. Instead of succumbing to peer pressure you can organise other activities which are also going to be great fun. There are so many places in which you can have a great time in Cardiff, some of my all-time favorites being laser quest, premier cinema which is SO student friendly, a night in to watch a movie, just sitting down and reading that book you always wanted to read and much more.

The best thing to do for yourself and for other people is to take your time with things, especially alcohol and never be forced to do something you are uncomfortable with.

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