Plans for Cardiff airport routes have been blocked by Welsh ministers

Plans to increase the number of domestic routes from Cardiff Airport are being put on hold by the UK government.

By Suzannah Murphy

The Welsh Government have sent an application to the UK Government, expecting approval from the European Commission. However, welsh ministers declined the application, without substantial explanation from the UK Government.

The plans had hoped to see more direct routes connecting the Welsh capital to cities across the UK, as well as placing these routes under the ‘public service obligation scheme’.

The scheme could have removed air passenger duty from return flights, saving each passenger £26 from the cost of flights.

The purpose of the ‘Public Service Obligation Scheme’ is to support services that are deemed essential. In this case, connecting regions across the UK whilst also increasing overall connectivity of airports, benefiting long haul flight destinations.

New destinations from Cardiff included in the proposal included: Manchester, Leeds-Bradford, Humberside, London, Newquay, Inverness and Norwich.

The plan also included doubling the daily return service to Glasgow, and creating a direct route to Aberdeen.

The Department for Transport said in a statement: “The UK government will continue to engage with both the Welsh Government and Cardiff Airport to ensure their views are considered before publishing the Government’s policy on Public Service Obligations in the Aviation 2050 White Paper last this year.”

The creation of the Aviation 2050 plan would put Wales’ aviation interests into consideration when outlining the rest of the UK’s goals and strategies.

This involvement sparks hopes that discussions between parties shall continue despite an unexplained answer regarding failure to send forward planning applications.

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