Police investigation underway following a theft at Liberty Bridge

by Emma Ogao

South Wales Police are currently investigating an incident at Liberty Bridge where two non-residents gained access to the student accommodation and stole a PlayStation 4. The incident, which occurred on 15th February, comes following growing concerns over security in city centre student accommodations.

The current security system at Liberty Bridge, like in many student halls, is key card entry accompanied with on-site security personnel and CCTV surveillance. It is believed that the two individuals were able to bypass these security measures by masking as residents, before proceeding to the common room situated on the 5th floor of the high-rise building and stealing the gaming console.

The manner in which the two individuals were able to bypass several security measures in place has left many residents baffled, with many speculating they may have had knowledge of the building from being on the premises several times prior to the incident occurring.

“Pretty baffled at how someone can walk into the common room, yank the PS4 off the wall and walk out right in front of reception” expressed one resident “It’s not just a tiny issue, it’s dangerous and I’m not paying £6000 to live somewhere that’s unsafe”.

“Why doesn’t the door shut properly? Why isn’t security watching who is coming in and out of the building?” pondered another.

In a statement released to residents, Liberty Bridge have stressed that they “take security very seriously”, and have reiterated the importance of residents checking who is behind them when entering the building, as well as speaking with security if anyone suspicious is spotted on the premises.

However, with over 600 students living in the high-rise building, from three of the universities in Cardiff, many students view it tricky to differentiate between fellow residents who they have never seen before, and non-residents that have managed to gain unauthorised access the building.

“The whole thing is that so many people come in and out the building every single day, and I’m not going to stand there and ask people for proof that they’re a resident if I’ve never seen them before” says Beth Greenwood. “There’s 600 of us in the building, I have no doubt I haven’t seen every single person”.

An investigation into the incident is currently on-going.

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