Putting your wellbeing first in 2019

By Iona Middleton

Ladies and Gentlemen, 2019 is the year of self-love. It’s time to allow ourselves to be a little bit selfish and put ourselves first. The world can be unkind and intimidating but there are ways to deal with whatever life throws at you by looking at the world differently. What might originally seem like a bad day can be turned around with some positive thinking and looking at the bigger picture.

A great way to find positivity in daily life is to wake up and consider what you are grateful for. Whether it was the delicious lunch you ate yesterday or bumping into your friend unexpectedly; Enjoy the little things. There are small details in everyday life that make it a bit more enjoyable. A way to solidify these thoughts is by keeping a journal; somewhere you can share all the good parts of your day and reflect on them at a later date too. Journals or writing a blog can be an effective way to express your feelings and help your mental health too. Spending time with yourself gives you the opportunity to escape from the outside world every now and again and focus on what’s important to you, giving you clarity for the other aspects in your life.

For your own well-being it’s important to surround yourself with kind-hearted people who want the best for you. In 2019 focus on eliminating negative people. This may seem harsh but if your ‘friends’ are upsetting you by degrading you, then they aren’t worth having around and you are sure to find better friends elsewhere. Toxic relationships with anyone, whether it be your best friend from school or your significant other, this year? they got to go. If you find yourself walking on eggshells, being lied to or emotionally blackmailed; walk away. Leaving these situations is often easier said than done but your friends and family will be there to support you and help your well-being. Don’t shy away from talking to loved ones, regardless of the situation.

The next thing to tackle is bad habits. Habits are usually caused by stress or boredom and can be in the shape of overeating, overspending or wasting time looking at your mobile phone. Create alternative ways to deal with stress or boredom, such as considering how you manage your time or keeping yourself busy instead of sitting at home doing nothing. Instead of worrying about eliminating your bad habit, think about replacing it. To replace a bad habit, you need to identify it. Consider when the habit happens and what environment you are in. Instead of chewing your nails or pulling your hair when you are stressed, find a new and healthy coping mechanism.

2019 can be your year. It’s vital to understand how important you are, even if you don’t see it yourself. Compliment yourself daily and appreciate the beauty in the world. Value good friendships by putting time and effort into them. Forget about empty words and meaningless relationships. Surround yourself with people who you can laugh with but can also talk about your aspirations with, without being worried what they will think. Don’t allow negative thoughts to cloud your brain. Think positively, enjoy life’s quirks and work on yourself; put yourself first this 2019, you deserve it.

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