Refurbishment on the Roath Park Clocktower completed

Roath Clocktower
Roath Park Clocktower: Originally built in 1915, the clocktower has now been restored to its old glory. Source: Robin Drayton (via Geograph)

By Dominic Williams | News Editor

Refurbishment on the Roath Park Clocktower has finished following a period of it being covered by scaffolding for refurbishment purposes.

As formally known the Scott Memorial Clock Tower was erected in 1915 as a memorial to Captain Scott and companions who sailed from the port of Cardiff on an expedition to reach the South Pole. The Scott Memorial Clock Tower was then presented to the city in 1918 once work had been completed.

In the late 1970s, a new movement for the clock was required, partly financed by a contribution from the Lord Pontypridd bequest fund totalling £4,534. The work included the installation of an electricity cable from the promenade and floodlighting of the clock faces.

The clocktower has now been repainted and lights are added due to the work of Andy Temple who arranged this in memory of his mum, and late wife.

Residents of Cardiff have applauded the effort of Andy Temple and have commended the work done to the clocktower.

It has been described as a ‘’Incredibly kind and thoughtful gift, he has given the community and an amazing way to honor his family.’’

It is clear that the Clocktower that acts as the mantelpiece to Roath Lake is greatly appreciated by people in the community.

Cabinet member for culture and leisure, Cllr Peter Bradbury, said: ‘’This kind donation will make a Roath park and to the many people who visit it each year and to the many people who visit each year and importantly, serve as a fantastic tribute to the lives of two people who were clearly very much-loved.’’

The Scott Memorial Clock Tower serves as an ever-popular attraction and has stood proud in the park for more than 100 years. Therefore, the recent refurbishment has left a feel-good factor for members of the community, in bringing the clocktower back to its former glory.

Gairr Rhydd spoke to Mr. Temple about the unveiling of the recent Refurbishment of the clockhouse. Mr. Temple said: ‘’Turning the lights on the lighthouse Friday evening for the first time was pinnacle it was the final touch to the lighthouse, quite emotional, but so worth it.’’

Furthermore, Mr. Temple spoke about the online response saying: ‘’The response online has been amazing and very overwhelming, it has given Cardiff such a boost in these dark times of COVID-19, it is a landmark for everybody to admire. It was my intention to try and restore the lighthouse to its former glory and the lights were the icing on the cake, it shines like a beacon and well worth every penny, putting a smile on everybody’s faces! Also in memory of 2 very special ladies in my life, my late wife and mum.’’

Mr. Temple was also able to enter the tower during the refurbishment saying: ‘’What a privilege it was to be able to go inside of the tower, it was very narrow the higher the level you went but an experience I will always remember…’’

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