Research Centre for anxiety and depression to be opened in Cardiff

Centre focusing on young people’s mental health will be established at Cardiff University with backing of £10m from the Wolfson Foundation

Glamorgan Building: Cardiff has always been at the peak of social research but with this new centre it will be boosted to new heights.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

By Emily Hatter

The Wolfson Centre for Young People’s Mental Health will be a dedicated research centre where experts at Cardiff and Swansea University will work to gain a better understanding of mental health. The universities have partnered with the Welsh Government, NHS Wales, University Health Boards and schools across Wales for this project.

The Wolfson Centre will focus on five key areas including: how anxiety and depression develop; the reasons for the recent rise in these conditions among teenagers; the role of genetics compared with environmental factors in mental health; the role of schools in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing; and, finally, developing a support system for children and families where a parent suffers with mental health. Through these five pillars of research the centre hopes to transform anxiety and depression in society throughout Wales and the UK.

Paul Ramsbottom, Chief Executive of the Wolfson Foundation, said: “There is still much to understand about the causes, prevention and treatment of mental health, and it is an area that has traditionally been underfunded in the UK. 75% of young people with an anxiety disorder or depression go unrecognised and receive no intervention. The impact on the young person, their families and their life chances can be devastating.” The centre hopes to provide young people with the right help, advice and support they need to overcome these conditions. 

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