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Source: David Feltkamp

By Daniel Davies

Most of us have done our fair share of exams, and unavoidably, the horrific panic revision in the weeks before. Whether it was 7am in ASSL or 11pm scrambling around my kitchen table ‘organising’ my papers, we all in hindsight could do with some improvements. I am not a trained revision aid professional or even pretending I’m some sort of revision oracle, but a few things did help smooth the process.

By far the most critical thing I shouldn’t have done was to write a strict hour-by-hour revision timetable, this is the WORST. You miss one slot and you feel awful, this moral hit is not only inevitable but overall just damages your self-esteem and motivation. A much better technique is to set a list of weekly goals every Sunday night. Not only does this help you stay on track without too much pressure, writing your goals down makes you accountable to yourself, trust me it works!

Eating and exercising! Whether you’re a gym rat or a regular couch potato, eating well (with the odd chicken cottage of course) and exercising improves body and mind. This helps focus your work in the library, improves your well being and overall boosts exam performance. Plus you don’t look like a deflated bouncy castle by the end of finals!

The final tip is start early enough, because we all know too well “I’ll start next week, it’s ages away” does eventually catch up on us when we realise our deadline is tomorrow morning and the textbooks are still in ASSL. Even though a few Mike Ross’s among us commoners might be able to churn it out in a few days, for the rest of us muggles a good 6/7 weeks is what we need. Sorry to poop the party! Yeah sure you could do it in 5 weeks maybe even less, but the amount of understanding you have wont be the same. Even better, the earlier you start means you can have shorter days, and, maybe even guilt free days off!

Of course we all learn differently, but I these tips will help us all in exams and in our lives generally! Exams and revision aren’t fun, but these tips will set you in good stead for the next few months, Good Luck!

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