Science Questions Issue 1107

By Louange Lubangu and Stephanie Ma

1. How much does the earth weigh?

Is this a trick question?

2. Why does water feel wet?

Let’s say you dip your finger in some water and lift it out again, the wet feeling is due to the water on your finger evaporating quickly and as a result, you feel cold. If we were to compare this effect to say oil, we would find that it would not work the same because oil does not evaporate as rapidly as water does.

3. What would happen if everyone on earth jumped at the same time?

Thankfully nothing! Even though there are approximately 7 billion humans on earth, all of our weights combined could not even compare to the weight of the earth. So nothing would happen, absolutely nothing.

4. What causes a rainbow?

Basically, rainbows are formed by suspended water droplets in the atmosphere after a rainstorm has passed. Since these droplets have different densities than their surrounding air, they would act as tiny prisms that bend the striking sunlight so as to break it up into its component wavelengths. After the light is reflected back at us, a coloured arc with bands of colours in the spectrum is thus formed, creating a spectacular rainbow that we all know and love.

5. Can the ocean freeze?

Considering the vast size of the ocean, this may not seem quite possible but yes. Ocean water freezes just like fresh water, only at lower temperatures. Whilst fresh water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, sea water generally freezes at around 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit, due to its salt component.