Shame Your School

(Designed by Givanna Coi)

Campus life are launching this fab new tidbid! Here’s your chance to publish your complaints, concerns, and rants about your Universtiy school, we all love complaining so here’s a brand new outlet to do so! Submit your writing to [email protected] for next week!

Firstly this fantastic anonymous limerick about the Politics school complains about the structure of their assessments

“The b*llocktics school:

The politics school is a farce,

Their third years assessments are a***,

Not conventional essays

But simulations they say,

The guidance for which is so sparse”

In addition this incredibly moving essay by Elliot Cooper recalls his time at university and the struggle with mental health and how his university responded. It’s for people like Elliot that Cardiff University and the Student’s Union takes great pride in its Advice and Wellbeing services. (Caution Warning: Suicide)

“I want to say that I hated my time at university, but actually most of it was fine. Not £35K’s worth, but not entirely terrible.

“I studied well until my third year, when my mental health fell apart. I was a total mess. None of the tutors noticed until rumours spread that I’d tried to take my own life; I was in hospital recovering.

“My Doctors agreed I could keep studying, as it was crucial to my well-being stay active. And so, I returned to school after a few rest days.

“This is where everything fell apart; my tutors treated me entirely differently. Within a few hours I was pulled aside, forced to talk about my traumas again, with no medical support. My tutors did not consult my Doctors, they suspended me for 8 weeks. I tried to argue that I needed to keep studying and that my work was crucial to my stability, but I was not allowed a say.

“My mental health didn’t improve, but I continued to seek help.

“I stopped talking to my tutors, to anyone in Uni.

“A year later my counsellor suggested I start looking to study again, and so I applied for a masters course. Same university, same department. Forgiving, right? I put a portfolio together beautifully, spent money on a nice outfit, I even got someone to professionally photograph my work. I did 6 weeks of research into my application and I was ready to prove myself.

“But instead of an interview I had a 30 minute interrogation into my mental health. There was barely 5 minutes of discussion about my portfolio, and no mention of my application letter. It was harrowing.

But, honestly, I’m just disappointed.”

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