Sin bin for VP Sport candidate?

By Rhys Thomas

Fresh controversy has befallen this week’s Cardiff Student Union elections. Callum Hindle, who is running for VP Sports and Athletic Union President, posted in the men’s Rugby group soliciting support and denigrating an opponent. Hindle wrote that “Addhyahan Gurung is also running for the position and would appreciate your votes too. One of us would be better to do the job than the female rowing President”. This was done despite all candidates including Hindle having attended a compulsory meeting where this action was explicitly prohibited.

The Students’ Union responded, with a spokesperson saying “We have been made aware of a Facebook message referencing candidates for the role of VP Sports and Athletic Union President. We are currently investigating and talking to the candidates involved before considering further action”.

Hindle offered up a remorseful lengthy statement, which included “I have spoken with the SU regarding this misunderstanding and am awaiting the contact number of Georgie so that I can clear things up”, continuing, “under no circumstances was my comment intended to discredit Georgie’s ability but was simply to highlight to my rugby members that voting for one of their own would benefit the club if either one of us were successful”.

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