Slaves concert “tainted” by inappropriate behaviour

Punk duo Slaves have said that their performance at Cardiff’s Students’ Union was “tainted” by reports that girls had been groped and touched in the crowd.

The group vented their anger on Facebook after the gig on the 15th of November after finding out that a girl had actually left the concert early due to be inappropriately touched in the crowd. “Putting your hands all over any women without her permission is not on at any sort of concert.

“Going as far as putting your hand up her skirt forcing her to leave the venue and go home, ruining her night, is disgusting.” The band then went on to advise young women to report such behaviour to security if it happens in the future.

Slaves also encouraged their fans to follow ‘Girls Against’ on Twitter, prompting an influx of comments. ‘Girls Against’ are an activist group that campaign to stop sexual harassment at concerts and encourage people to report misconduct. They sell badges at gigs and work with security at some venues.

A recent Twitter poll from the group found that out of 593 voters, 90 per cent voted that sexual harassment at gigs is not taken seriously enough by security.

“The Students’ Union have assured Gair Rhydd, however, that the security for the gig were prepared. “Cardiff University Students’ Union takes the safety of visitors to the building very seriously. No reports were made to staff or our security team at the gig on Sunday night.

“The Students’ Union has a zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment and the teams who operate evening events are fully briefed on this.” The Students’ union currently have a strict ‘anti-lad culture’ policy in place in an attempt to put a stop to such incidents.

A recent summit looking into the sexual assaults that took place in Cardiff earlier this year found that ‘Lad Culture’ was to blame, and this event would suggest that there is still a problem at the Students Union as Slaves referred to the harassment as “lads groping young girls in the crowd”.

This is certainly the case for one young women, who commented on the slaves post: “this happens all the time, since coming to Cardiff it has become an accepted part of a night out for many females.

Security get shitty with you if they see you having a go at someone who grabbed you it leaves you with no leg to stand on when at a gig.” Many young women have described similar experiences and one third year student claims “it happens every Saturday at Flux.

Every time I queue for a drink someone touches my bum, or guys will press themselves into you up against the bar.” Many women also commented in the Gair Rhydd Sex Survey that they felt consent was a large issue at the University, and some have called for consent lessons to be implemented at the university.

The Students’ Union encourages anyone who has been effected by sexual harassment to “visit our free, confidential Student Advice service or email”

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