Snow in Wales causes further delays

Snow Flurry: There has been snow across Wales, causing traffic accidents and delays.
Snow Flurry: There has been snow across Wales, causing traffic accidents and delays. Source: Robin Drayton (via Geograph)

By Luthien Evans | News Editor

Snow in Wales has been, for many, a joyous affair- a moment of winter bliss within the lockdown period. The beauty of the snow has allowed for an enjoyable experience of winter. A time for families and housemates to build snowmen together and create joyous winter memories.

In the past two weeks, snowfall hit many areas of Wales- 13 of the 22 Welsh counties receiving weather warnings this past week. Snowfall has been warned to be reaching levels of five centimetres in the week commencing Monday 1 February. Snow warnings have been made in South Wales, including Cardiff, for Sunday 7 February. This makes it the third weekend it has snowed in Wales. 

However, this winter affair has not been a joyous occasion for all in Wales. Reports have been confirmed of multiple crashes, ice warnings, road and vaccination centre closures. Last week, ice warnings were administered covering all of Wales, not including Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. 

The police in Pembrokeshire confirmed the news of two separate crashes on the same road caused by snow disruption. This caused the road, Preseli Mountain road, to be closed. Comments from The Met Office even sent out warnings for East Wales and the north Midlands of ‘a period of freezing rain’, pertaining to dangerous driving conditions, with the potential for further road closures.

Furthermore, in North Wales, snowfall and weather warnings predicted 15 centimeters of snowfall specifically on high ground. This forced the continuation of two Covid-19 vaccination centres being closed due to the weather conditions, these are located in Merthyr Tydfil and Abercynon, Rhondda Cynon Taf. The two vaccination sites plan to reopen soon, and closed only for precautionary reasons. Appointments have been rescheduled for a later date, to minimise disruptions to the vaccination rollout in North Wales.

This follows reports in January of volunteers in Bridgend cleared the snow in the Maesteg community hospital to allow for the vulnerable to get their Covid-19 vaccination. The volunteers rallied together to achieve the clearing to avoid cancellations for those most vulnerable. A representative for the hospital commented on the heroic deeds, thanking them for allowing the administering of 300 more vaccination jabs for the over-80s and the medically vulnerable that day.

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