Societies smash charity total

Success for Cardiff RAG as they beat their previous yearly fundraising total.

Anna Hickman

Cardiff University’s societies have experienced huge success this past year, raising over £110,000 for charity.

The total came to £115,823.15, though this figure could potentially be higher, as a percentage of fundraising was not reported.

Various events were hosted throughout the year to raise the money, with particular success for the Islamic Society, who managed to raise over £12,000 in one night as part of Islamic Awareness Week.

Another popular and successful event was the University’s first Jailbreak, a free charity hitchhike in which many universities take part across the UK. Teams had just 48 hours to get as far away from Cardiff as possible and back again, by any means possible without spending any money. The winning team reached Verbier in Switzerland and in total, the event raised over £5,000.

The money will go to many different charities, some of which are connected to specific societies and particular to what they do.

Harry Newman, the outgoing Societies Officer said, ‘it’s a great achievement to raise so much.’ To improve, he says, it is necessary to make it as easy as possible for the societies to raise money. RAG, the University’s Raising and Giving Society, is also considered a key focus, and Newman hopes that this year’s RAG Week will be ‘the biggest and best it can be.’

The amount raised last year has improved hugely; in 2011, the societies raised £75,000, while in 2010, the total was £50,000. Harry Newman is confident that by aiming high, the University can continue to improve on the figure.

“We hope we can hit £150,000 this year.”

Incoming Societies Officer, Adam Curtis, claimed that the amount raised was “impressive… the RAG committee this year have done exceptionally well.

“Currently, RAG has a few very hard-working individuals who pour their souls into it. I want the responsibility of raising and giving to be not just on a few, but on every Cardiff University student.

“While at uni, we have more time and fewer commitments than at any other time in our lives. Instead of filling this time up with countless TV shows students instead should put their efforts into tackling major world issues.

“It’s surely more important that an abandoned child gets an education than what occurs on Eastenders. I know how easy it is to fill up my time with pointless activities and, looking back at my three years, I know I could have done so much more. I also know that you put the most effort in when you actually care about the cause.”

Whilst an impressive total, the Union are some way off other Unions such as Nottingham and Loughborough, each of whom raised over £1 million for charity this year alone.

Curtis, however, insisted that “some Unions raise over a million pounds, and without a doubt this is our aim, but overall Cardiff RAG has done incredibly well over the last few years and we will always continue to aim for the stars.”

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