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Spotlight: Crafty times at Stitch Soc

By Tom Morris

Perhaps best known as the society that won the “Best Newcomer” award at the 2016 Societies Ball, Stitch Soc can now be found knitting away every Tuesday at half past 7 on the fourth floor of the SU. A few core members of the committee are always there, along with regulars and, president Kalika tells me, spotters who come every so often.

Everybody works on their own little woollen or cross-stitched projects, so you might wonder why they can’t all work alone, at home in their spare time. This would be a mistaken assumption, as the stitchers love a good chat. Indeed, veterans of the society tell me that most of them didn’t know each other before they begun the society. They all approached the societies desk pondering the question of setting up a society based around the handicrafts, and the Union put them all together.

That’s not to say stitching has to be solitary. The main reason each person works on their own project is how long they take to complete- treasurer Sam’s scarf won’t be done until next Christmas. If you can work fast though, you can start doling out gifts: one member, Becky, gives out small projects like a flower bouquet as raffle presents- the money from the raffle going towards her “year of charity.” Charity and collaboration may yet come together for stitch soc- they tell me they are considering creating a patchwork quilt, using their combined skills for good.

Attendance has died down a little as of late at Stitch, but it’s the same for most societies as we head into the exam season. If you’re looking for some like-minded people and a relaxing little activity after uni, you could do worse than join them for a session or two. They’re keen bakers too, and to the quality of the snacks I can attest.

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