Spotlight: Will the real Comedy Society please Stand Up?

Comedy society once again started their year with a stand-up showcase of all the talent festering in their ranks at the Lounge, just off Y Plas. The nearby Poker and Yoga societies must have wondered what on earth they were doing, as all kinds of expletives and absurdities bellowed from the mouths of Cardiff’s quick thinking quippers.

Old hands like Daniel Neenan, Elliot Badcock (now bearded) and Jason Truelove took to the stage. Dan Hughes in his smart suit compered, this time freshly adorned with his half marathon medal which he didn’t brag about- not at all, really. Harrison Webb split up the onslaught of jokes to deliver a long sermon about the edgiest things he could think of, giving aching jaw muscles a rest and letting butt cheeks get clenched instead.

The sets of student comedians were split up by some young visitors from elsewhere in Wales, driving the audience to raucous applause. These were: Calum Stewart, Alex Perkes, James Wilkinson and Sam Lloyd. There was deadpan delivery and there were quite a few young men attempting to make a career out of stand-up. Best of luck to them all, they were of a calibre comparable to the majority of the acts I saw at the Edinburgh Fringe.

There was a noticeable lack of female talent (former feminine funny-people having graduated) but this week the society held another event to get the young women of the University interested in writing and performing comedy, a Women’s Workshop. Before you pull the tokenism card, they also hosted a workshop for everyone to attend.

The comedy society mainly encompasses performed comedy, whether that be stand up or sketch, but any passion for writing, filming or throwing shit at walls is also encouraged. They host a number of events regularly just like these performances, and encourage everyone to have a go at performing themselves (not unlike Gair Rhydd in fact). Aside from rehearsal, performance, and humorous socials, they also regularly visit the Thursday stand-up variety show Comedy Carousel at Glee Club in Cardiff Bay. If you can’t convince your flatmates to go to a comedy club instead of a night club, it’s worth tagging along on your own anyway!

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