Student Media Needs You

By Anwen Williams

Being a part of the student media team is something you should definitely consider as a part of your time at university. Not only will you have fun and make loads of new friends, but you can pick up loads of skills and learn things you might not get a chance to do otherwise. There’s a load of stuff that you can get involved with that will make your CV look great. It looks good to be a part of something – and it’s fun too.

Gair Rhydd. Writing is a great way to gain some extra curricular experience and improve your writing skills. Contributing articles to the paper each week is super flexible, and theres a whole load of stuff to choose from. Each section is different and if you have any ideas for a particular section, the editors would love to hear them. Being a contributor can show your motivation and dedication on your CV, along with managing your time wisely and being a part of a team. Each week you can show up to the editorial meetings to hear what’s going on this week, or pitch any new ideas if you feel like it (Monday 6:30pm in the student media office). Proofreading also takes place at (at 6 on Thursdays) for something more chilled. Something that can be valuable along every course – not just journalism or English. If you don’t know already, theres a Facebook page called ‘Gair Rhydd contributors’ where you can join and see what articles are up for grab each week!


Similarly, quench is a great way to do some extra writing, and is great if you want to express your creative side! There’s so many things you can write for Quench, from reviews to poems, about food, drink or video games. If writing’s not your thing then you can get involved with the design and illustrations in quench, if you’re keen with design.


If you’re not so in to writing or design, CUTV have loads of stuff to get involved with. You can film, interview, get involved with the dramas, edit, pitch ideas etc. Theres also a range of Facebook groups you can join to get involved with these! Getting involved with CUTV means getting involved with all the big events going on in the uni, like varsity and the AGM.

Xpress Radio

Similarly, you can get involved with Xpress radio. You can pitch in with band interviews, commentating at events, or produce/present your own show. Other things you can get involved with is learning to DJ and putting on some events. Xpress schedule consists of speech, entertainment and specialist shows across a range of genres including politics, comedy and drama.

Student media is great to get involved with, and there’s so much you can do! don’t miss out!

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