Student ‘refused entry to Revs for being transgender’

By George Cook

Revolution in Cardiff have been accused of refusing entry to an individual on Saturday night because they are transgender. Jamie Morse was with a friend at 9:40pm on Saturday 2nd December when they arrived at the club to see no queue. After arriving early before it got busy, Jamie and her friend got to the club sober. Jamie then provided the security her ID, expecting to be allowed entry to Revolution. The bouncer then allegedly sniggered at the two individuals before calling over their colleague. His co-worker then walked over and said to Jamie and her friend that they were ‘too drunk’ and were subsequently refused entry, after allegedly being mocked.

Shocked at the incident, the pair remained in the vicinity of Revolution to see if others who appeared drunk were allowed entry. After a short while, Jamie and her friend saw three ladies enter the club despite appearing to be drunk, laughing to each other and struggling to walk. This confirmed their initial suspicions that they were refused entry because Jamie is transgender.

Both Revolution and the private security company, Bridgegate, have failed to comment on the incident, despite being given the opportunity to do so.

Cardiff University is an open and inclusive institution with many LGBT+ people in employment and elected officer roles. Last month, the Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan, sent an email to staff explaining that he was bisexual. He spoke of the importance to ‘speak out’ and increase visibility for LGBT+ people. Jamie has also taken the brave step to speak about the issues encountered by LGBT+ people, particularly those who are transgender.

The LGBT+ Women’s Officer at Cardiff University, Taz Jones, said “Transphobia is something that is taken extremely seriously by myself, the university and the Students Union, and there are many avenues of support including Student Advice, Counselling, Wellbeing and Galop, the LGBT+ anti-violence charity. If any student ever faces anything like this I would like to encourage them to come and talk to us, the LGBT+ officers email is: We would love to hear your ideas of what you would like to support you in these times as well, be it a peer support group or one to one chats that can help you.” Nick Fox, VP Welfare, also said: “Thankfully, Cardiff University is rated very highly in the Stonewall rankings, and we have a successful and diverse LGBT+ Society and Association. The officer team are here to support all students throughout their time at University and encourage anyone facing discrimination of any kind to speak to the support services available.”

According to Stonewall, 52% of transgender people in Wales have experienced a hate crime in the last 12 months because of their gender identity. Only a small proportion of those who experience hate crime actually report the incident to the police, as many are fearful of the response they may receive. As well as this, one in five LGBT+ people who visited a cafe, bar, restaurant or nightclub in the last 12 months have been discriminated against based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Jamie has taken the powerful decision to write an emotive piece about the incident in Gair Rhydd.

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