Student “urinated on dinner” in public

Cardiff University Medics rugby team have been banned from P&O ferries, after one student allegedly “urinated on a table where a family were eating”.

According to a number of unconfirmed reports, the incident, which took place on February 12th on the 23.15 departure from Dover, saw a drunk member of the rugby team urinate on-board the ferry in area surrounded by families and children.

Reports claim that the student was wearing a Cardiff University hoodie at the time during the team’s journey to a rugby tour in Amsterdam.

“I was told that one rugby player got so drunk they pissed in someone’s food”, one anonymous student commented.

“It was 100% a medic student that did it,” another student confirmed. “Although I’m not sure whether they actually pissed in the food or just on the table.”

A P&O spokesperson confirmed than an incident involving Cardiff Medical students had taken place. As a result of the action, the spokesperson explained that ‘the behaviour of this group meant that we banned them from returning with us.’

According to the spokesperson, the students involved have not been reported to police. However, they explained that the company would ‘reconsider’ if the university felt it to be necessary.

The student responsible for the incident has not been named, with the rugby team allegedly refusing to identify the culprit in order to prevent disciplinary action against the individual.

Cardiff Medics Rugby Club failed to comment on the situation.

As healthcare students, such reluctance to name the student responsible may pose concerns over the reputation of those involved. The act itself would likely constitute a breach to medicine practice issue and could potentially cause the individual to be banned from further study as a medic.

A Cardiff University spokesperson explained that the University had been made aware of ‘an incident involving Cardiff Medics Rugby Team’. However, no formal complaints have been made to the University.

The circumstances involving the incident are now being investigated in order to determine the University’s course of action.

The spokesperson continued: ‘The alleged behaviour is certainly not the behaviour we expect of our students’.

With P&O ferries constituting a popular method of transport for societies and sports teams within the University, the incident may cause potential consequences for students wishing to travel using the company.

However, this is not the first time that P&O have encountered misbehaviour from university students. In 2012, over 200 Manchester University students were banned from using the ferry service after boarding the ship whilst drunk. During the voyage, multiple fights broke out on board, culminating in all non-university passengers being evacuated to a separate all-inclusive lounge.

According to P&O, Manchester the students were forced to find their own way back after their trip to Lloret de Mar using a different ferry company.

In a bid to try and to prevent excess drinking from students using the ferries, during the Christmas tour to Val Thorens in France members of Cardiff University Snowsports trip were prevented from taking any objects from the bus.

This misbehaviour of Cardiff sports teams follows after the University Football Club were prevented from taking place in last year’s Varsity match against Swansea University, after members presented a slideshow during a social teaching students how to target girls with low self-esteem.

During the joint social with FAD dance group, the audience were subjected to speeches alluding to domestic abuse and the spiking of girls’ drinks. Described as a ‘gross breach of University code, the incident was condemned by national press.

This week, Gair Rhydd also reported of controversy caused by Cardiff University Cricket team, after flying flags linked to the Irish paramilitary group UVF outside pub Koko Gorilaz last week. Such incidents pose an important question over the inappropriate conduct of some sports teams within the University.

In order to try and combat the issue caused by irresponsible alcohol consumption, the Student Senate proposed a motion in November 2014 calling for society and sports club committee training to incorporate greater focus on sensible drinking.

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