Students choose fitness goals over alcohol intake

Fitness costs students more than alcohol. Photo credit:
Students are spending over double what they do on alcohol on fitness.
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Fitness costs students more than alcohol. Photo credit:

By Rimante Bivainyte

According to new research, students who lead healthy lifestyles are cutting back on alcohol expenditure and choosing to spend four times more on fitness activities than they were a decade ago. New student letting app, SPCE, which is being launched next month, conducted a survey of over 2,000 participants. They found that alcohol was the last one of student’s list of expenses, estimating that it costs them, on average, £68 per month.

18 per cent surveyed said that they did not spend any money on alcohol. Moreover, around £120 per month was spent on health and fitness, including gym memberships, classes and sports clubs. Hence, it was £87 more than that spent by students who graduated between 1997 and 2017. This survey included the students’ average cost of rent and bills which was £274. Expenses of groceries and household items have risen to £157 up from £97.

However, these numbers include students who live at home. SPCE’s research suggests that at this day students are more likely to invest money in their healthy lifestyle and fitness than previous generations. Also, in the UK, the cost of being a student varies between different universities, for instance, this year NatWest surveyed students in various universities in the UK and found that Cardiff was the cheapest city for students while Glasgow was rated as the most expensive.

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