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SU dodgeball tournament a success

On Monday, October 9th, the Great Hall in the Students’ Union was taken over by the Coppafeel Charity Dodgeball Tournament. With 8 teams competing, the event raised money for the breast cancer awareness charity, and was great fun for everyone involved.

Team Advice/ Chaos Society (my team, no less) won in the end, after a hard-fought semi-final and final. The games started at around 7:30, with every team needing to play each other once in a best of 3 situation. There was a great mix of players from plenty of different backgrounds, and every match was hard fought.

My personal highlight was the victory over the Sabbatical Officer/ Trustee team. It was taken far too seriously, with the VP Sports Tom Kelly getting particularly into it. The first round was over quickly, with our team barely breaking a sweat, besides myself and a few others being knocked out, but the second was much tighter, a narrow win for us once more. The final round was even closer, and finished as a draw,

After the rounds had finished (at about 9:30), we were all slightly broken, drenched in sweat and bright red from the heat of the hall, but it was worth it, as we knew that we were in with a shot of winning Taf vouchers as the overall prize. Our hopes were crushed when we found ourselves drawn against the Dodgeball team themselves, who had annihilated us in the group stage. However, some of our players pulled it out the bag, making spectacular shots as I watched on, a slightly useless spectator for half of it, and we crept through 2-1 winners, stunned.

The final took place after 10pm, and we were all tired and hungry, my shoulder beginning to hurt from the constant throwing, but after copying the snake-hiss dance from Dodgeball the movie, we found an extra gear, and won 3-0. Overall it was a huge success, and everyone was keen for there to be more throughout the year.

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