Surviving A Level results’ day

A Level results day can seem daunting for many, and to some, it’s the be-all and end-all of their school career. Source: 3844328 (via Pixabay)
To many, A Level results day can seem like the be-all and end-all of their school careers. But should we really worry that much about our A Level results?

By Megan Evans

‘The most daunting time of the year’, says everyone.

That one day of the entire year after months of dedication and revision, you will receive a letter giving you a page full of grades, whether that be A Levels or GCSE’s, determining the next pathway. 

So much of the summer is spent feeling like you have wasted endless amounts of time staring at the notes that you spent more time writing out than learning. 

The build-up is always worse than actually opening that envelope, because you start thinking back to the days slumped in the horrible chairs in the main hall writing answers to exam papers; knowledge of which will seep out of you the moment you leave the room. 

You may even go as far as regurgitating that one question you just know that you got wrong, and thinking about it until you convince yourself you can work it out.

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, it is even harder to concentrate and focus on doing the work set. I commend anyone right now who has had to try and preserve doing any kind of work whilst not having a clear idea of what’s going on. 

I think what I found in the past which has helped me think much more clearly is having a goal, whether that be a personal goal, academic or sport. If you want to improve on yourself in some form, go and do that. 

I used to envision myself on the day, knowing that my friends and family will be proud of me no matter what grades are on that paper. 

At the end of the day, it is not the results day that will be remembered, it is the days continuing from that. 

The preparations into packing for university, wherever that is you may be going! Universities, particularly Cardiff are lenient on entry requirements, as even I did not secure what they originally asked for, but I got a place. 

That does not mean to set your expectations lower.

As much as I want to say ‘you’ll get exactly what you want’, unfortunately that does not always happen. 

However, the grades secured my position in one of the best universities. The journey that took me through results to moving to university was even greater than waiting for the results!

At the end of the day, even if you don’t manage to get exactly what you first wanted, any form of qualification in any location is still your best efforts. 

I have known a few people that have had to redo A Levels, and now they are so happy with their growth meeting the people that they have and studying a subject they genuinely love.

No matter the journey you take post A Levels, it will carry you through the rest of your life. 

I would not have envisioned how my life is currently from the path I have chosen, but the people that I have around me, the passion(s) I have formed, and the memories that I are engrained in my mind are from all the good (and bad) decisions I have made.

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