Surviving the summer holidays

Source: Sunny M5 via Flickr

By Sarah Harris

The summer holidays are closer than ever and for most of us lucky souls we have almost 4 months of freedom to look forward to! However, as exciting as the thought of being able to sleep till the late afternoon seems, you and I both know that unless you have a solid routine worked out, you’ll probably be bored of sleeping by the third week and run out of shows to binge watch. Now you’re probably sick of hearing this from your parents or other responsible figures in your life but the summer holidays are the perfect time to maybe get a part-time job and earn a bit of cash, or find an internship that will help you figure out what you want from the future. I know it seems like a bit too much effort and you’d much rather go out with your friends every other night to get pissed and spend the next day recovering from a hangover but might I suggest not completely destroying your liver within the space of 90 days.

If you’re like me and rarely check your university emails right now would be a great time considering most schools are offering highly paid internships over the next few months which not only means money but also gets you a great recommendation from professors if you want to apply for masters or other further studies. If you’d rather not stay in Cardiff and would prefer to go back to your hometown and make your family pay for groceries instead, then something I find handy is giving your CV out to literally (yes, I mean literally) every store, café and whatnot whether they’re hiring or not. I guarantee you will get at least 5 callbacks and hopefully a job out of it.

If you’re still not persuaded to get your lazy ass out of bed over the holidays, then see is at a chance to spend some quality time on the hobbies you neglected over the course of your academic year. Maybe you can perfect your baking skills or work on getting back to gym. The summer holidays, although as fun as they seem after the excruciating exam season, can slightly drag and leave you bored every other day. So instead of seeing how many times a day you can paint your nails, why not start looking for jobs or internships now? I bet you, it will be well worth it.

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