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Team Talk: Cardiff Draconians FC

Arial view of the Lypstep Park ground and surrounding area.
Cardiff Draconians FC was founded in the early 1960’s and are based in South Wales.

By Adam Brown | Sport Editor

With lower league and local football in Wales being inactive since the end of last year, it has given teams a lot of time to reflect and discuss what they have achieved, and what their future aspirations are for the club. One club doing exactly that is Cardiff Draconians FC, who are most commonly known as “The Dracs”.

Cardiff Draconians FC were founded in the early 1960’s and are based in the heart of the Welsh capital. After a short exploration of the club’s history, I believe it’s fair to say that Cardiff Draconians FC are well renowned on and off the pitch. Especially their first team, who over the last decade have collected an array of achievements that have bettered and benefitted the club in more than one way.

The birth of the Draconians’ success came from their strong campaign display in the 15/16 season, where they competed in the South Wales Alliance League (SWAL) and finished as strong runners up, resulting in securing promotion. The following season, the Cardiff side were crowned champions of the SWAL Division One, alongside a W. John Owens cup triumph. This was a truly phenomenal display from the Draconians, considering they had clinched promotion to the league only a season prior. The Cardiff side almost claimed a triple-silverware winning season, as they came close to victory in the South Wales FA Intermediate Cup.

In their most recent campaign, the team finished runners-up in the SWAL Premier Division in 2019–20 on a points-per-game formulation following its pandemic-enforced cancellation. But following a restructuring among the Welsh divisions, the club initially failed to gain a place in the new league system, despite being granted a Tier 3 licence by the FAW. There was much frustration about this from many at the club who had worked hard throughout the pandemic to ensure the Tier 3 requirements were met, including several renovations to their ground and on-site facilities. However, the withdrawal of STM Sports opened a space in the SW Ardal League, and to much delight the Draconians were admitted.

I got in contact with the treasurer and former youth team coach of the club, David Harding. When questioned about the club’s future aspirations, David returned, “On the pitch the 2021 / 2022 season goal is not to get relegated back to the South Wales Alliance League which we worked so hard to get out of”. He continued, “If we achieve this we are then looking to push on through the leagues over the coming seasons. We also want to provide football for as many players as possible whatever their age or background”. David is a local member of the club, and has been a part of the Draconians for roughly five years. David reflects the club in a proud manner, speaking openly and confidently of what the club has achieved in the past, and what they aspire to achieve in the near and distant future. To summarise the array of club achievements, David believes that the clubs “biggest achievement has been to gain what most people refer to as Welsh League status for the first time in the clubs long history”.

Evidently lacking activeness on the football field, the club itself, and the people involved have been far from that. During quarantine, and the absence of the game itself, the Cardiff Draconians have been highly active on social media, making sure people keep themselves involved with what is currently going on at the club. It is apparent that the club are partaking in a variety of activities to keep things positive, which is imperative in these current times. They have weekly fundraisers and competitions which has increased the quantity of people interacting with the club.

This is a new chapter for the club in the newly formed Ardal SW, and I’m sure they will be hoping to make more history. “As you imagine everyone at the club is delighted with the news and can’t wait to be part of the new exciting league”. David said.

People have been doing what they can for the club, knowing that the little aspects of their aid can make a great impact. The club’s home pitch, Lydstep park, is still receiving regular maintenance, so that when the game can return, the club will be prepared.

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