TED talks: the quick and easy confidence booster

By Molly Govus

Since 1984, TED talks have been blessing the world with insightful, motivational and thought-provoking content. Motivation whilst at university can be hard to muster up when you’re three lectures behind and drowning in notes, but I find TED talks an easy and free way to build up my own confidence and motivation. Ted talks have been a part of my morning routine since the beginning of year 11. The app has found itself a home on my screen, and at this point in my life, it brings me a sense of comfort. Each morning, I make myself a cup of tea and I watch a TED talk or two. The brilliant thing is, you can search for a video depending on the amount of time you have; there really is no excuse. I’ve learned so much about topics that I never would have discovered otherwise. Who would have thought that in ten minutes I would have learned about a completely new topic?

It is for this reason they have become an integral part of my day. The speakers themselves are inspirational. From renowned scientists to models, anyone from anywhere in the world can give a talk on their special subject with their own personal flair and presentation. I have often found myself disappear for hours, watching one talk after another, just because they are that fascinating. With thousands of talks to choose from, the choice can be quite daunting. The categories section alone boasts over 20 options, but that is where the ‘random’ button comes in handy; you can watch a random video within your timeframe on anything within the whole TED database.

So, how do these talks benefit me other than being a morning distraction? Every morning, these talks remind me to stay passionate and to stay educated. On most mornings, a talk on success will give me the boost I need to get out the door and into the library to do the mountain of work that I’ve been putting off. I find it therapeutic being able to just sit and listen. We are always so busy in our day in age, always striving to do the next task or to get to the next commitment, but having those peaceful ten minutes gives me the calm and the push that I need to start my day.
The content of the talks give me motivation, also. Seeing the speakers so passionate and poised about their subject reminds me why I’m at university and how much I love the subject that I am doing. Bear in mind, all of these talks are absolutely free for anyone to access whenever.

There really is no reason not to try and squeeze in a few before the rush of the day starts, or before bed. Download the app and find something that interests you. All you have to do is press play.

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