The Best Burgers in Cardiff

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by George Watkins

Feeling like something different for your meal on Valentine’s? If you’re feeling like a burger, you’ve come to the right place. My bank balance won’t thank me, but here’s a tour of (some of) the best burger joints in Cardiff.

The Big Boys:

Grazing Shed

So good they set up three separate restaurants within about half a mile of each other. Their main selling point at face value is a novelty menu, with burgers being themed around current affairs, such as the ‘The Holy Bale’ during the European Championships. They are so critically acclaimed that they were recently voted the ‘Best Burger Joint in Wales’, according to the Britain’s Best Burger competition. The positives then are the variety, and the general choice of flavours. However, when I went in for a standard cheeseburger, I found the patty dry and the whole thing too expensive for a student budget (coming in at over £10 for a cheeseburger and chips).


Five Guys

A quick heads-up; if you’re allergic to nuts, then this isn’t the place for you. Once you’ve tried their fries, you won’t want to go back to normal McDonald’s standard.They fry them in peanut oil and dust them with enough salt to make you dribble every so slightly. According to them, there’s 250,000 ways to order their burgers, as their toppings (excluding cheese) are free. So if you fancy onions, mushrooms, ketchup, to name but a few, go ahead. It’s free. The downsides are the cost (at over £10 again for a cheeseburger and chips), but I feel like as a treat every so often it’s absolutely fine, even on a student budget. The patty was fantastic, and the cheese melted through it enough to make it soft, in all the right ways.


The Underdogs:

The Heath

Ideal for medics, but possibly a slight hike for anyone who doesn’t live at the top end of Cathays, this slips into the article as one of the more underrated places to get a burger. The first good thing to say is, that as a pub, it’s easier to sit down for a more formal meal than the more takeaway-orientated joints already mentioned. Plus you’ll be able to watch sport. Despite not being quite as strong with the burger range, they definitely live up to the value for money appeal.


The Flora

A late contender, considering that the pub itself only opened at the start of this academic year. I was surprised that the food was as good as it was. Despite it coming on a wooden board, which has always been more reminiscent of something from 50 Shades rather than something to et your food off, the burger itself was fantastic, not to mention being fairly cheap, at under £10.


The Taf

A hotly controversial choice, depending on who you ask. For me, this has been the staple of my uni life since my days as a rosy-faced fresher, diving in on a Saturday evening to watch the late kick-off with a £5.75 ‘Union Burger’, cheap and cheerful, and always pretty quick to arrive. If you hold it up to the standards of Five Guys or Grazing Shed, it’s like seeing Accrington Stanley playing Spurs in the FA Cup, but there’s something authentic and honest about lower-league teams.

Somewhere between 5 and 10/10

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