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If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a good 5+ hours of your day binge watching your latest Netflix obsession. The only downside to this however, is that you probably run out of new TV shows to watch every few weeks. If you’re sceptical about what show to watch next, Gair Rhydd have put together a little guide to help you get out of this conundrum.

Friends – The Netflix Gods recently blessed us by putting this absolute classic sitcom on the website. Whether you’ve never watched it before or you’re watching in again for the 6th time, Friends is the type of show you can and never will get sick off. From Ross’s lame Palaeontology jokes to Phoebe’s singing, you will relate with at least one character on this show on a spiritual level. (9/10)

Gossip Girl – This is the type of show that you will either hate or love. If the teenage girl inside you is begging for some bitchy, high-school type drama, this is the show for you. But be quick, the show is said to leave Netflix fairly soon. (7/10)

Riverdale – You’ve probably heard of Riverdale by now and if you haven’t, where have you been hiding? This show is quirky and different, and the second season is immensely better than the first. Although some of the characters are super annoying (ahem, Veronica) the awful acting and over dramatics can make this drama seem like a comedy at times, but still, it’s definitely worth a watch. (7/10)

Stranger Things – There is nothing bad to be said about this show. The cast is the cutest cast you will ever see and who doesn’t love a show about a group of kids who fight aliens. If you loved the latest IT film, then you will also love this show. You’ll easily watch a whole season in one sitting without even realising it. (10/10)

Orange is the New Black – OITNB is another Netflix original that is absolutely fantastic. It will make you laugh, gasp and cry all within 1 episode and before you know it, it’ll be 2AM and you would have just watched 10 episodes in a row. I do have to admit, the main characters (Piper and Alex) are super annoying but the other characters make up for it. The last 2 seasons especially are fantastic. (9/10)

Breaking Bad – If you still haven’t seen Breaking Bad, what are you doing with your life? Although it does take a while to get in to this show, it’s well worth sticking in to. Especially if you love gory films about drug lords. (9/10)

Suits – This show is perfect for all of you law students who are in need of some inspiration. And if you aren’t studying law, you’ll definitely want to after watching this. This show is sarcastic and intense and having to look at Harvey Spector for hours on end is an added bonus. You won’t find anything like this. (8/10)

How to Get Away with Murder – If you are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal, this Shonda Rhymes show is perfect for you. Similarly, to Suits, this will also want to make you study law. There are so many plot twists and surprises in this show that you need to make sure you don’t stop watching. (9/10)

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