The Cardiff Student Media Awards!

By Cerian Jones

The Cardiff Student Media Awards submission portals have been released, which means that the CSM Awards are nearly here! The awards consider all 4 sections of student media, CUTV, Xpress, Quench and GR and are broken down into smaller categories. Quench has three awards; best critic, best writer, and best designer. Xpress Radio awards for best presenter, best producer, best speech/entertainment, best specialist and outstanding contribution. Gair Rhydd offer four different awards; best writer, best feature, best digital content, and scoop of the year! These categories require submissions of outstanding work that engages audiences and makes a mark in the world of student media.

The CSM awards are a chance for students who have put in so much hard work for Cardiff University’s influential student media output, editors, producers, and contributors alike, all have an opportunity to be rewarded for their volunteered time. The experience alone, working with these amazing teams of students, because the different groups all work alongside each other in the same office, we all know each other and we all appreciate the effort we see others put in to something they care about, whether it’s their morning radio show, filming promotional videos for causes and events, or writing a scoop on something you care about. There’s a time and place where everyone from the teams can finally come together for a wonderful night to reward them for their hard work.

You can submit your work on the respective group’s Facebook page, you just fill out a form and you’re good to go. Gair Rhydd lets you submit three independent articles, for Xpress you have to submit a short demo and a write up of your work as a radio presenter/producer. Quench request pages you’ve designed or articles you wrote based on what awards your nominating yourself for. CUTV … And all work is judged by industry specialists! The deadline for each team varies but they’re all around the start of March! So get busy writing, recording, and editing your fantastic submissions, and I’ll see you at the Awards Ball! The night of the awards ball itself is yet to be announced, but we’ll update you as soon as the tickets go on sale. Good luck!

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