The Christmas Present Guide

Presents under the tree Photo credit: Laura LaRose via flickr

Christmas is just around the corner and that means it’s about time to start buying gifts for everyone. However, being students we’re somewhat limited to what we can buy with the £10 in our bank account. Especially when you have about a dozen people to buy presents for. However, the Advice team is here to help you make sure you get the perfect present for everyone on your list. We’ve got you covered.

1. Of course, the first thing on anyone’s list is a good old pair of socks. How can you go wrong? In my opinion, you can never have too many pairs of socks. Last year my boyfriend got given a pair of striped red and white fluffy socks with little reindeer heads sticking out at the top. It’s safe to stay I stole them and they’re officially the comfiest pair of socks I now own.

2. Food. When I asked my friends what they would like for Christmas, 90% of them said they wanted something edible. Get them all a bag of chocolates from Poundland and I guarantee they will be satisfied. If they have a particularly acquired taste, Wally’s in the Royal Arcade has a huge range of snacks from all over the world and they’re prices are pretty decent too!

3. Gift cards are the best thing to get for people who are especially difficult to buy for. If you have no clue what to get them whatsoever, put £10 on an Amazon gift card or you could get a Post Office one which you can use in a wide number of stores or online. Being the makeup fanatic I am, I’m the happiest when I get MAC gift cards (hint, hint).

4. Anything from Tiger! If you’ve been to Tiger in St David’s, you’ll know they have the weirdest and wackiest things. For my birthday, a friend got me a cookie mug, which is basically a mug with a hole in it to store your biscuits for dunking. I mean, you could use a plate but why would you when you have this mug? Other items you find there include fake poo and miniature desk chairs. If you’ve never been, now is the time.

5. The older you get, the more you start to realise that sentimental gifts make the best kind of presents. Sometimes it’s better to put in the effort and give someone something meaningful rather than spend a load of money on them. For my friends 21st I gave her a box of letters she should open at various points in her life e.g. ‘read this when you’re sad’ or ‘read this when you graduate.’ Although it took a fair bit of time, she loved it.

Getting presents for people is probably the most stressful part of Christmas but once you get everyone out of the way, you can go back to enjoying the mulled wine and turkey.

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