The Final Big Grad Fair

By Cerian Jones

The final grade fair of this year is coming up and it’s an amazing opportunity you can’t miss! It’s open to all years and it’s never too early to start thinking about your career after university and making connections will really help boost your chances when it finally comes to looking for a career.

The event is on Friday 29th March from 11:00 until 15:00 in the great hall of the Students Union. Over 55 employers will be in attendance, offering a range of opportunities, from internships to graduate roles. Attending is a great idea no matter what stage of your degree you’re in. Even if you’re not ready to start networking with employers, or you’re not sure if you’re prepared enough the careers team (FORCardiff) is in attendance and they can check your CV, and offer workshops and help in the world of work.

Don’t go just to pick up pamphlets and let the recruiters sell you their pitch, ask difficult questions. If you think beforehand what you want to get out of this opportunity you’ll come up with some helpful questions that you can use later on to show you have researched the position thoroughly.

You might already know, or think you know, what career you’re interested in following your graduation and think the grad fair is pointless, but it’s good to see all options you have in front of you if plan A doesn’t work out. Or you might find multiple firms that have careers which entail the kind of work you want to do, and you need to ask questions at all of these stalls to find out which business will suit you best. Remember right now you’re the customer. It also could be a good idea to take a CV or two with you and hopefully start a rapport with the firm which might secure you a job before you even graduate!

If stalls are busy, quickly ask if you can contact them via email – remember to keep emails professional and typo-free, every contact with the firm is giving them an impression of you. Maybe if you haven’t already now is a good time to install Grammarly!

Another great reason to attend is the abundance of prizes available to win if you’re one of the first 500 students in you’ll get a goody bag of awesome freebies and a chance to win £200 worth of shopping vouchers, free pizzas, and more!

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