The Great Escape: Cathays hamster reunited with owner

The missing hamster found outside the SU has been returned to its owner. Source: widerstroem via Pixabay

By Sophia Grace

On January 26, Cardiff University student Jack Chapman posted on the popular Facebook page ‘Overhead at Cardiff University’ with a photo of a white hamster who was reportedly found outside of Cardiff University’s Students’ Union. Chapman, who discovered the hamster, proceeded to knock on the door of the closest house and the students living there took the pet in. 

Chapman’s initial post received nearly 300 likes from students across Cardiff and got the ball rolling for a very popular story. After finding the hamster, Chapman reported that the pet was “[a] good bloke all around… friendly enough and wouldn’t get off my shoe.”

Later that day, a second student, who had taken the hamster in from Chapman, posted on ‘Overheard’ joking that after a seemingly wild night at Juice, the Student Union’s Saturday club night, the hamster had been treated to some water and carrots.

Comments began to pour in from people offering the hamster food, bedding, and some people were even offering it a new home. Photos of the hamster in the arms of its new foster parents then appeared on Facebook, and the story was quickly becoming famous amongst Cardiff University students; someone even suggested it become the University’s mascot.

Amongst all of the offers for a new home and lots of food, one of the good samaritans, Rachel, a second-year student studying Occupational Therapy, went over to collect the hamster with a spare cage and take it home, naming the hamster Mayo and giving it a safe place to stay. Shortly after, the hamster’s original owner got in contact with the students who had taken the pet in and informed them that the hamster was, in fact, a girl named Ivy

Ivy reportedly lives in the attic of her owner’s house and it is believed that she escaped from a hole in the wall, travelled all the way down the side of the house, made it outside, across the road and well on her way to Juice, presumably. 

Ivy’s owner then saw the posts on the ‘Overheard at Cardiff University’ page and began commenting in the hope that they would soon be reunited with their beloved pet. It is now believed that the owners came to collect Ivy and the two have officially been reunited.

Thanks to the power of social media and some determined hamster lovers, Ivy was successfully brought home. This hamster has certainly had quite the adventure but it looks like her exploring days are over for the moment and lots of rest and warmth is in order for the foreseeable future.

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