The Green Party re-elects Bartley and Berry

Berry and Bartley have been re-elected leaders of The Green Party.
Leaders of The Green Party, Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry (Source: Kelly Hill, via. Wikimedia Commons).
By Morgan Perry | Political Editor

The Green Party has re-elected Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry as its leaders, with the pair winning 49% of first-preference votes.

The Green Party Joint leaders since September 2018, the duo faced competition from former deputy leader Shahar Ali, and Solihull councillor Rosemary Sexton. 

3,600 votes were cast in favour of the job-sharing pair. 

Incumbent Amelia Womack has also been re-elected as the party’s deputy leader, winning 3,006 votes. 

Unlike other parties, the Green Party elects (or re-elects) its leader and deputy leader every two years. Built into the party’s rules are a number of requirements to ensure gender balance. If electing two leaders (or two deputy leaders), they must be of different genders. 

Bartley and Berry were first elected party leaders in 2016 and 2018, respectively. Mr Bartley previously worked alongside Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion, before she was replaced by Ms Berry.  

“Only the Greens have a clear, positive vision for what the country could be,” said Mr Bartley upon his re-election.

Ms Berry highlighted that, at next year’s local elections, the party has “a chance to bring real change … by electing more Green councils, putting Green voices in the Senedd, and electing a Green Mayor for London.”

Electorally, the Green Party has traditionally struggled. Thus far, Lucas is the party’s only MP, having been elected in 2010. 

At the last election, the party’s vote share increased by 1.6%, however, winning a total of 2.7%.

Like many smaller parties, the Green Party’s electoral success is typically hindered by the first-past-the-post electoral system, which favours the success of the two largest parties.

In Wales, the Greens have no seats in the Senedd, and have a seat on only one local council, Powys County. At the last Welsh Parliamentary elections in 2016, the party gained its highest number of constituency votes, finishing seventh.

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