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By Cerian Jones

I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to a few of Xpress Radio’s fantastic hosts recently, enquiring about the in’s and out’s of being a Radio show Host at Cardiff University. With the rise of podcasts and live streams, talk show radio is making a come-back.

I spoke to Milo Moran, one of the hosts of Global View, who won Best Male Presenter at the Cardiff Student Media Awards Ball last year! Global View is a world-wide news section where the hosts discuss unconventional news from all over the world, he says that:

“As a student radio we are able to talk about news that slips under the radar, we cover things that mainstream media tend not to”

Being a part of Cardiff University’s Student Media is a huge responsibility, being able to produce new content every week for a massive audience of students with different ever-changing views and opinions as well as backgrounds and cultures. Meeting the demands of such a large community is challenging but Global View tailors towards a wider audience with its foreign hosts, who stream over into the radio studio to discuss matters with the hosts here in Cardiff from all across the world. Moran exclaims that it’s incredibly exciting to bring something new to Xpress Radio that hadn’t been explored before. The songs between topics also cater to a wider audience in the multilingual choice with songs from Welsh singers to Japanese pop-bands the show spans a wide variety of content. Milo has been hosting for a year now but recalls that starting was:

“Challenging, because it’s a brand new skill, most students won’t have had an opportunity like this before, we get trained but really you learn as you go, and of course you make mistakes, but that’s life”

He also tells me that being a part of the student media and hence such a large, growing, student community, he says that being a part of the show is “Rewarding because it’s part of something bigger than yourself, you meet people from all different walks of life and I think, especially on a global news show anyway. I suppose it depends on what sort of show you host, but you meet so many new and interesting people being part of Student Media.”

As part of student media I can relate, and agree. It’s amazing to have an outlet that allows you to express yourself to fellow students. Milo enjoys the opportunity to “Engage with the student community” through his radio show.

Global View is a year old, and was founded by Milo Moran, Llion Carbis, and Agathe Dijoud in October 2017 and are still going, you can listen to them at https://cardiffstudentmedia.co.uk/xpress/ every Thursday, it’s Global view from 12 til 2!

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