Thorpe Park enters lockdown after stabbing incident

Thorpe Park entered lockdown following an incident on July 18. Resulting in one casualty, and questions remain surrounding the re-opening of the amusement park.

By Mustakim Hasnath and Hallum Cowell

An incident has reportedly occurred at Thorpe Park amusement park in Surrey. Reports claim that one person was stabbed in the theme park and, as a response, the whole park was put into lockdown with no one able to enter or leave.

Gair Rhydd understands guests were asked to stay in the park for up to two hours following the incident as police and ambulance services were called.

While staff at Thorpe Park now seem to be allowing guests to return home, there were reports of long queues and a heavy police presence.

Gair Rhydd spoke exclusively to Sophie, who attended the park with her sister for a weekend together.

I found out by going to the dome and we were told about an incident. We were given full access to the park to go back in and enjoy the rides

Sophie, 21, told Gair Rhydd.

Sophie explained that it was uncertain what exactly had happened.

They opened the rides for an hour and a half extra and we were told we can go anywhere on site, not the dome or bridge

We went away for a weekend away together. We booked to stay the night and then go home tomorrow. We decided that we didn’t feel safe as the we felt the safety measures aren’t good enough

Sophie told us she didn’t feel safe, while on Twitter, she stated she believed the tragedy was preventable.

Whilst Sophie told Gair Rhydd measures had been introduced to ensure COVID-19-secure rides, she still felt unsafe, stating that “there was a bag search and that’s all.” Sophie was concerned at there being no body searches at the entrance of the park.

Thomas who had also been at the park on the day of the alleged incident, said;

“No one really knew what had happened until about 30 minutes before we were let out around 6:30pm… there were just Twitter rumours”

“I think it’s a bit stupid it [the weapon] was able to get passed the security but that’s because they only check bags which is probably going to change I reckon”

Thorpe Park responded on Twitter, stating:

South East Coast Ambulance Service also used Twitter to respond, stating they were called to the incident, which was considered an emergency, at around 16:00 on Saturday July 18. One person was then taken to hospital in London.

Some have criticised the park for opening despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The park opened on July 4, the same day pubs and restaurants were re-opened across England. Upon opening, Thorpe Park did adhere to Government guidance with seats on rollercoasters kept empty and social distancing enforced in queues.

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