Trump vs. Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the frontrunners in the 2016 election. Source: via flickr

For Trump

by Lucas Zierold

It’s a funny state of affairs in politics when the multibillionaire businessman is the candidate of the people. Personally, I view Trump as the senile, conservative grandparent every family has. On the other side, we have the professional politician. Slippery, slick and sleazy, you will never be able to pin a crime on them.

The penalty for perjury (lying under oath) is five years in prison and/ or fines. In order to prosecute for perjury, the court must demonstrate that a lie was intentional. Due to this legal loophole, Clinton has managed to evade a further investigation. The FBI conducted the original investigation over Clinton’s handling of federal emails. During the investigation, five people were granted prosecutorial immunity before they would give their testimony. Let that sink in. Five people, all of whom committed crimes under Hillary’s stint as Secretary of State, were granted immunity; yet there were no eventual prosecutions for anyone at the office.

This is why Donald Trump is not just being serious when he says he wants to put Hillary in jail, he has a case.

It should also be noted that Trump has repeatedly and consistently stated that his priorities as president would be to develop a protectionist economy. Similar to the ancient Romans importing free labour (slaves) to work, American industry has increasingly exported jobs, utilising cheaper foreign labour. Trump is intent on stopping this.

On the other hand, Hillary has supported trade agreements from the likes of the TTIP, NAFTA and the TPP. Such trade agreements favour one group of people over everyone else: the corporates. This makes sense, seeing that four of Hillary’s top ten donors are Wall Street banks, two are law firms and one is the parent company of Google (revenue in excess of 70 billion dollars in 2015).

A 2014 study provided exhaustive evidence to suggest that America has become an oligarchy; the rich lobbyists may pay politicians in exchange for favours once they’re in power. In other words, America is no longer a democracy.

For these reasons, a vote for Trump is a vote to raze the current establishment to the ground, to inflame the angers of those in power, but most importantly, a vote for democracy. It’s like a really crappy would-you-rather question: your cringey granddad or a criminal as president? I know my answer.

Pro Clinton

by Maria Collins

Next week, the world will wait in anticipation as America makes a choice; they must decide whether they want a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, television celebrity as their next president or a genuine, qualified politician who will make history for all the right reasons. Ultimately, there is only one safe, sane, intelligent and qualified person for the job and her name is Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately for Clinton, many people, particularly the media, tend to draw attention to her flaws, consistently reminding the public of her links to Wall Street, the missing emails scandal she was caught up in and her supposed responsibility for the security failures that contributed to the attack on the Benghazi consulate. But what many people fail to realise is that Hillary Clinton is so much more than the ‘lesser evil’ option to Donald Trump. Unlike her rival, she has the potential to change America for the better as she represents everything Trump stands against. For instance, Hillary is an advocate for equality, as she strongly supports the LGBT community and voters rights – something the Republicans oppose. She realises that childcare, equal pay, and paid leave are fundamental economic problems — not just ‘women’s issues.’ She wants to raise taxes on the rich, prevent them from avoiding estate taxes and close loopholes for Wall Street and heir corporations. Furthermore, she cares about environmental issues and has a comprehensive plan to tackle climate change. As a person, she is caring and considerate, has owned up to her past errors and doesn’t lower herself to lying and insulting others for her mistakes, unlike Trump. But essentially, as the former secretary of state, first lady, and a lifelong advocate for women and families, she is the most qualified person for the job. And while no one is implying that she is the perfect liberal candidate, refusing to vote for her because she has made mistakes in the past is insane, especially when the alternative option is Donald Trump.

Clinton isn’t just the ‘only other’ option, she is so much more and as a woman in a world dominated by white, middle class men, she has achieved an awful lot. So, for the sake of humanity and those affected by its outcome, let’s just hope our friends across the pond make the right decision and put their trust in Hillary Clinton.

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