Tyre fire in Splott causes smoke warnings

The tyre fire received response from 12 fire engines.
12 fire engines were at the scene at the peak of the blaze. Source: Jaggery (via Geograph)
A tyre fire burned in Splott last week which resulted in an order for residents to close their windows. The fire's source is unknown.

By Zoe Kramer | Head of News

A large tyre fire at Seawall Road in Splott began around 18:15 on Sunday. Fire crews arrived around 18:51 to quell the blaze. Witnesses reported black, acrid smoke billowing from the site as well as the smell of burning plastic or chemicals.

At 22:00, 10 fire engines remained at the scene of the blaze. The fire had spread to adjoining properties. Attempts to curb the spread of the fire were made by aerial appliances and water bowsers until eventually at around midnight the fire was under control.

At its peak, the tyre fire required the services of 80 firefighters and 12 fire engines from as far away as Bristol. Seawall Road was temporarily closed due to the incident.

According to the fire service, no one was hurt in the fire and no evacuations needed to be made. Many residents across Cardiff were asked to close their windows as a result of the blaze, due to the fact that the acrid black smoke was potentially hazardous to breathe.

A spokesperson for South Wales Fire and Rescue said: “This large scale incident required a multi-agency response according to well-rehearsed plans for scenarios of this nature. The police were involved in cordoning the area and advising local residents to stay indoors with windows and doors closed.

“The utility companies were called to the scene to isolate both gas and electric supplies. Welsh ambulance service were standing by to provide support to the fire service. Local residents are thanked for their patience and support whilst our firefighters and partners carried out their work.”

Sajjad Anwar, owner of the business Topline Tyres, which went up in flames, reported being “devastated” by the news after working for many years to build the business from the ground up.

An investigation will occur in regards to the source of the fire.


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