UKIP leader & Trump have ‘a very productive meeting’

Donald Trump support sign

By Hannah Woodward

Nigel Farage: the interim leader of UKIP; the man who led Brexit and a longtime Trump supporter. Farage is quickly becoming a powerful, yet unelected politician.

He was the first foreign politician to meet with the newly elected President Donalds Trump who he met in New York on November 13 for what was described as “a very productive” meeting by a Trump aide.

British born Farage campaigned alongside Mr Trump during the US election, as Trump congratulated the EU referendum result saying it demonstrated the wish for change among voters frustrated with establishment politics.

Upon the Presidential result Farage insinuated that the majority of British politicians, including many close to Theresa May, had been “quite rude” about Donald Trump during the campaign and must now re-think their attitudes.

Farage commented that there are huge opportunities to be had in “Brexit Britain”, and Donald Trump would be a much more cooperative partner than Trumps predecessor Barack Obama who Farage suggested had “damaged” the special relationship between the USA and UK. A

ccording to Mr. Farage, Trump is keen to rebuild this special relationship, as his support for the US-UK relationship is very strong.

“This is a man with whom we can do business.” stated Farage.

Mr Farage said: “It was a great honour to spend time with Donald Trump. He was relaxed and full of good ideas. I’m confident he will be a good president. His support for for the US-UK relationship is very strong.”

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Farage offered to “provide introductions and to start the necessary process of mending fences between the UK and USA”. May has said the government will not be taking Farage up on his offer, but there has been some support from others in the Tory party.

A Conservative member of the House of Lords, the unelected upper chamber of the Parliament, said Farage should be used as a “salesman” for British business. Farage agreed stating, “Nobody in this administration in the UK has any connections with the Trump team at all, and yet they are prepared on behalf of the country to cut off their noses to spite their faces.”

The diplomatic coup by Farage gives the UKIP leader a status that is neither reflected by his electoral success nor his party’s. However Farage has managed to bypass Theresa May, The Cabinet and Foreign politicians in meeting Mr. Donald Trump first.

Whilst the meeting is arguably a demonstration of the UK and USA meeting post the US election, it is clear the Farage will not shy away from his involvement with US politics.