Unemployment rates in Wales drop below the UK average

23% of people are not actively seeking jobs. Photo credit:
Could students be to blame for the increase in Welsh unemployment rates?
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23% of people are not actively seeking jobs. Photo credit:

By Emma Videan

New figures from the Office for National Statistics has shown that, while Wales once had the same unemployment rate as the UK at 4.3%, between June and August 2017, the Welsh average fell to 4%. Since March and May 2017, unemployment has dropped 11,000.

However, it should also be considered that this is partly due to the high numbers of people that are ‘inactive’. Being ‘inactive’ means that a person is not working because they are not available to do so due to illness, being a career or being a full-time student. The fact that a quarter of people between the ages of 16-64 fall under this category may account for the growing levels of unemployment.

The inactivity rate in Wales is 23% of people over the aged of 16, and if students are excluded from this figure, it is 20.7%. To tackle to problem, it is necessary for these members of society to seek jobs that suit a potentially busy or challenging lifestyle.

In regards to student unemployment rates, an NUS survey conducted in 2014, found that of the 2,128 students surveyed, 45% have a part time job and 13% even hold down full time jobs during term time, holidays or both. Not only this, but 41% of those who took part in extra-curricular were doing so to boost their CVs, which could indicate that although students may appear economically inactive, they may be taking part in opportunities which will allow them to be employed as a post-graduate.

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