Valentine Discounts

Don't do this Photo credit: Lee Gonzalez via Flickr

by George Watkins

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, we all love a good discount. Realistically, it’s unlikely that students will be able to afford a luxury romantic getaway to Celtic Manor Resort, but it feels important to not be too stingy. We took a good look at what’s on offer in Cardiff over the next week or so, so you can treat yourself or that special someone in your life.

Your first point of call for any discount in the city at this time of year should be the Thorntons outlet on Queen Street, near the Capitol centre. They offer great discounts on chocolate at the best of time around the year, but i can only assume that they will ramp it up for Valentines. Get your sugar fix for good value.

Next, there will be plenty of restaurants offering Valentines menus or offers, but they will probably have been booked out fully for approximately 11 months. With this in mind, I would say go out of the ordinary with your pick of restaurant (see our burger guide, for example). McDonald’s is probably too stingy, but bear in mind that every year Domino’s stream out the discounts for Valentines.

For shopping, the general sales in clothing stores will start towards the end of the month, so if you were wondering whether those wavey garms were on offer in time for the 14th, I would say either look online, or hold fire for another couple of weeks. Urban Outfitters and a few others tend to go in fairly early with their sales, so you might get lucky,

Jewellery is what every desperate man on the eve of the 13th or after work on the 14th will be after, in a last ditch attempt to salvage a decent stash of brownie points. For the best discount, don’t go down this route whatsoever. Stores will ramp up prices in anticipation of Valentines, and knowing that suckers will pay whatever they charge. Look for something else. Tailor the present to the person. It’s more likely to be well received if it’s meaningful, instead of a random heart tacked onto a bracelet you picked up for a few quid.

In short, relax. Think properly about what the person would really like, and don’t dive in too deep with something you can’t afford for the sake of a commercial orgy.

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