Varsity 2017: Live Blog

9:00pm – Cardiff win the Men’s Rugby!

Cardiff have won the Rugby cup! Well done team!

7:00pm – Swansea win the Ladies’ Rugby!

Swansea stayed on top from start to finish in the ladies’ rugby, leaving Cardiff in the dust.

On the other hand it has been announced that with a 20-20 end result for the shield, Cardiff win for yet another year!

7:00pm – Swansea win the Ladies’ Rugby!

Swansea stayed on top from start to finish in the ladies’ rugby, leaving Cardiff in the dust.

On the other hand it has been announced that with a 20-20 end result for the shield, Cardiff win for yet another year!

5:00 – Ladies’ Rugby kicks off at Principality Stadium

Swansea take an early lead as the main event of varsity gets underway. The crowds are gathering and filtering into the stadium.

Credit: James S. Lloyd

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4:30 – People spotted swimming naked in the river

Credit: James S. Lloyd

There have been reports that Varsity attendees have been going to the River Taff to cool off with a swim. Naked.
We’d like to say that we sent a reporter out to investigate, but actually he just stumbled across another one. Was this gentleman inspired by the Wales Online report? Or is it just that the murky water looks so tempting at this time of year? Who knows!

4:00 -Men’s Football kicks off at Cardiff Arms Park

The crowd are hungry for a touch of quality to set this game alight as half time is called on an edgy affair. The games stands at 1-0 to Swansea.

Credit: Toby Holloway

The football has proved to be popular as crowds are warned that the stadium is now full.

3:30 – Swansea fan gets taken away by the police

A Swansea fan has been spotted being taken away by the police and searched in Sport Wales.

The Cardiff student who saw it happen said: “I didn’t see why he was taken, but he seemed very drunk, and quite content.

“They just took him in and searched him.”

Make sure you drink responsibly and stay safe today.

3:00 – Who’s won what

It’s hard to keep track of all these sports! Here’s the latest on who has won which sport. Currently it’s a tight race between Cardiff and Swansea. Last year Swansea only got 13 points and currently they are on 12 – does this mean they are in with a chance of winning?

Sailing: Swansea
Cycling: Swansea
Canoe Polo: Swansea
Rowing: Swansea
Athletics: Swansea
Equestrian: Swansea
Boxing: Swansea
Triathlon: Swansea
Golf: Cardiff
Ladies’ Lacrosse: Cardiff
Archery: Cardiff
Ladies’ Ultimate Frisbee: Cardiff
Rifle: Cardiff
Tae Kwon Do: Cardiff
Netball: Cardiff
Swimming: Swansea
American Football: Swansea
Freshers’ Rugby: Swansea
IMG Football: Swansea
Mens’ Lacrosse: Cardiff
Mens’ Ultimate Frisbee: Cardiff
Ladies’ Basketball: Cardiff

2:20 – Score Update

Cardiff had an impressive start at the beginning of today, shortening the gap between Swansea’s lead. Only 2.5 hours to go until the rugby starts!

1:15 – Cardiff take Women’s Basketball, but Swansea win IMG Football

Credit: Carwyn Williams

Swansea were trashed by Cardiff in the women’s basketball at 97-23. 4 and 5 were strong in the first half, and 14 was exceptionally strong towards end of first and in second half. Players constantly ran up the side to score past team Swansea team. Reports say there were lots of falls on both sides, and lot of barging.

Cardiff then lost IMG football at 4-2 to Swansea.

12:20 – Swansea win Triathlon

Credit: Charlotte Cox

In their first win of the day, Swansea win the triathlon at 40-26. It looked like a close call at the start over at Maindy Pool and Track with the first triathlete over the line from the Cardiff team, however Swansea pulled ahead to win the victory outright.

11:15 – Two more wins for Cardiff

Team Cardiff are catching up to Swansea’s early lead with two more wins.
In ladies’ lacrosse Cardiff stormed ahead with 11-0 at half time and finishing at 21-1. They celebrated by popping the champagne.

Credit: James Lloyd

The Cardiff netball team also won against Swansea, with a full time score of 49-32.

11:05 – Cardiff win in Ultimate Frisbee

Cardiff have their first win of the day in ultimate frisbee! The game finished with the score at 9-6

Credit: Eizzy Awogu

10:30 – Things looking up for Cardiff

We started the day at 7-1 to Swansea in the battle for the shield. Could Cardiff catch up? Things are looking positive with red taking the lead at half time in lacrosse (11-0), frisbee (7-2) and netball (25-19).

Credit: Hollie Cooke

10:00 – Delay at Lacrosse

Our man on the ground James Lloyd, has reported that there has been a delay in getting things started. Are they still warming up? Do coaches want a few seconds to give a last bit of advice? Allegedly the delay has in fact been caused because the goals are stuck in traffic. Here’s hoping they get there soon so things can get started!


9:45 – Warm ups underway

Triathlon has started over at Maindy Pool and Track, Golf and Ladies Lacrosse are underway and the girls are warming up over at Ultimate Frisbee. Reports say that crowds are still pretty thin, with more people expected to turn up as the day goes on.

Ladies’ Lacrosse at Sport Wales. Credit: James Lloyd

9:30 – Recap from last year

Welsh Varsity 2016 was a power struggle between the two universities. We went down to Swansea for team Cardiff’s fifteenth successive win over Swansea. The final score was 24-13, however Swansea took home the rugby trophy.

Probably the most memorable moment of the day last year was the varsity streaker. You can find our exclusive interview with him here.

20.04.16 -Welsh Varsity Cymru 2016 – Swansea University v Cardiff University – A streaker runs across the pitch with the cheerleaders looking on.

9:00 – Varsity has officially started!

Excitement is mounting and people are already out and about, ready for a great day of sport. We’ll be bringing you the scores and the drama as it unfurls, all leading up to the final rugby match in Principality Stadium.

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