Wales set to lose 20% of its MPs

Wales MPs
Source: Nessy (via. Wikimedia Commons)
Wales will lose 8 MPs, reducing the number of its constituencies from 40 to 32.

By Dewi Morris | Political Editor

On December 14, the Parliamentary Constituency Act gained royal assent having passed through the House of Commons and Lords. The act means that constituencies will be re-drawn based on equal population.

After the deduction, Wales will have fewer MPs than it has had since before the Second World War.

Chloe Smith, the Constitution Minister welcomed the act saying:

“Up-to-date, more equally sized constituencies is a sensible policy that will make our elections fairer, ensuring that people from all four nations of the UK have equal representation in Parliament”.

However, Plaid Cymru claim:

“Wales will lose out more than any other nation in the UK as a result of this law – with our voice and representation diminished. Westminster just isn’t working for Wales.”

Plans proposed by David Cameron in 2012, were in place to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600. However, this was scrapped in March due to “a greater workload” following Brexit. The South of England is expected to gain MPs to keep the number at 650.

The original plan would have seen Wales lose 9 MPs. Glyn Davies, the Conservative MP for Mongomeryshire claimed the proposal would “fundamentally undermine democracy.” 

A proposed boundary change in 2017 saw Cardiff lose its Cardiff Central seat. Plans for the new constituencies will be drawn by July 2023, ready for the next scheduled general election on May 2, 2024.

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