Welcome to the Hotel Can’t-afford-ya!

By Emily Murray

Hotels around Cardiff are raising their prices with the approach of the Six Nations matches being held at the Principality Stadium.

The annual hike in fees for accommodation in Cardiff comes as record numbers of rugby fans descend on the Welsh capital as the Six Nations comes to town.

One of these hotels, The Village Hotel Club Cardiff, advertises that their room prices start from £70 per night. To stay in their “clubroom” on February 18, it will cost you £132. However, if you want to book that same room just a week earlier, for a night’s stay on 11th February, it will cost you a hefty £702. That’s a £570 price difference, a staggering 431.82% increase. The high price rise is due to arguably the most hotly anticipated Six Nations fixture – Wales vs England – taking place on that day.

Whilst the 3 star Village Hotel Club Cardiff can be considered one of the more upmarket hotels in Cardiff, even the 2-star Big Sleep Hotel Cardiff is ramping up its prices to £515 for 1 night’s stay in a Newly Deluxe Twin Room on February 11. If you wanted to stay in the same room just a week later, on Saturday 18th February, prices drop to £125. representing a £390 price increase during the weekend of the Wales vs England match – an inflation of 312%.

Visitors would also do well to avoid coming to Cardiff on March 10 when the Ireland v Wales game is on. In some cases the prices can get even higher: a double room at The Village Hotel Club Cardiff for 1 night on 10th March would cost you £683. However, booking for the following week, on Friday March 17, would cost a mere £79. The price jump for the Six Nations in this case represents an increase of £604, or 764.56%.

One could theoretically take a week’s holiday in Amsterdam, renting out an entire home with Airbnb (flight included) for same price as one night’s stay in a Cardiff hotel. Having said that, even Airbnb hosts have been getting in on the action and increasing their prices. It’ll cost you around the £700 mark to stay in a double bed apartment in or around Cardiff for one night on February 11.

According to Eleanor Kutylowski, in charge of UK external relations for Trivago, prices are set to continue to rise year on year. She stated that: “Whilst these results are comparable to those from the 2016 Championships, this year’s highest price increase of 345% tops last year’s 317%.” She also argued that Cardiff has been one of the worst affected cities in terms of hotel room price inflation, saying: “The effect is greatest in the smaller host cities: Cardiff, the least populated city of the six, shows the largest price increase while heavily populated London, Paris and Rome are amongst those with the smallest changes.”

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