Welsh Endomarches held to raise awareness of common condition

By Rosa Burton

They recently aimed to raise awareness of the condition, which is exclusive to women, by marching through both Llandudno, North Wales, and Cardiff city centre on Saturday 30 March.

Endometriosis is a condition which is known for having debilitating effects on the physical and mental health of sufferers. Those suffering often get misdiagnosed with other conditions, research into treatment is underfunded and there is only one specialist treatment centre in the whole of Wales to provide for up to 150,000 women suffering.

These issues with treatment are partly due to misconceptions about the severity of the condition. Medical professionals can sometimes disregard the symptoms women report – severe pain, heavy bleeding and nausea – as they view these as a normal part of menstruation. Endomarch states “period pain that stops you doing your daily routine is NOT normal. Endometriosis is a serious disease with potentially severe medical consequences.”

The group’s most recent marches in Cardiff and Llandudno were the largest yet, with at least 257 people participating in total. According to the group, the marches focus primarily on starting a discussion about endometriosis amongst members of the public and providing a support network for sufferers, as opposed to carrying out any fundraising on these occasions. However, the group does raises funds via ‘Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales’ (FTWW), which sponsors Welsh endomarches. FTWW are an organisation lobbying the government to introduce and provide improved care for those with endometriosis as well as for those with other chronic illnesses.

When asked about any future plans the group has for raising awareness and fundraising, Nicola Dally, the Head of the Wales leg of Worldwide Endomarch, stated “since endometriosis month has now come to an end, it doesn’t mean endo pain does for us. Endomarch South Wales have a few activities we are hoping to plan for next year – a meet up and walk around Cardiff gardens with a possible teddy bear picnic, and planting yellow daffodils and tulips in the shape of a yellow awareness ribbon in one of Cardiff city’s gardens. We had an amazing event and everyone had a good time whilst making new friends, creating a support system and raising awareness”.

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