What can you do after uni?

The many options you can seek after you finish your degree

By Emma Morgan

Leaving uni is a daunting prospect. Lots of us tend to brush the idea aside until graduation is looming but it can be helpful to consider what is out there before you reach the finish line.

As someone who was recently faced with the seemingly impossible task of deciding what to do with my life I have researched different options.

Grad schemes are notoriously competitive and many companies close applications before the autumn term is over so it’s worth thinking about applying as early as possible. (But don’t panic if you miss it you can always apply in later in your twenties).

Most of the schemes on offer are with large well known corporations based in London, such as Virgin, Marks and Spencer’s, Lloyd’s banking; the list goes on. They all offer successful candidates good pay and long-term careers so are a great option if you want security and to work in business.

Entry-level jobs may be a more realistic option for those of you who are looking for jobs outside of London. There are plenty of job opportunities but finding the right one can be difficult. Two tips I have for job hunting are below.

It is easy to assume from a job adverts criteria that you are not experienced enough for a role. It is still worth applying if you believe your skillset meets the criteria, your skills from participating in societies can often substitute the experience employers are looking for.

Don’t be afraid to cold email – just because a company isn’t advertising doesn’t mean they won’t consider hiring you, the perfect candidate.

You will never be as young or adventurous as you are today, and as a result many grads are catching the travel bug after university. However, doing this doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your preparation for working life. There are many volunteering organisations that offer for young people opportunities to go see the world and make a difference, for example ICS.

If you are interested in teaching you could consider a TEFL job, graduates are offered the opportunity to live abroad and get paid for teaching children in countries such as, Vietnam, Thailand and the South Americas.

Of course if you miss university and want to broaden your knowledge you can always come back to complete a postgraduate degree like I have, a postgraduate degree gives you a broader perspective on the degree you are passionate about and is also helpful further on in acquiring a job.

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