What SHAG does for you:

Photo credit: Cardiff Students Union

by Melissa Harris

SHAG (Sexual Health Awareness Group) is a Student-led service within Cardiff University Student’s Union and is solely based around removing the stigma around sexual health and promoting awareness around the sexual health provisions that are available in Cardiff.

We currently run C-card, a government run scheme for 13-25 year olds that enables you access to free condoms, lube and dental dams every week. This takes place every Wednesday 1-3pm in room 3D on the third floor of the Students’ Union so come along and say hi, we don’t bite!

In addition to this, we currently have a free condom dispenser in reception of the SU – so please help yourself!

By being on the committee for the past three years, as you can imagine I’ve given out thousands of condoms to students in need.

I was a shy first year and sexual health was never a subject I discussed with anyone until I joined SHAG. I have a vivid memory of the first time I ever handed out SHAG packs to embarrassed passers-by and felt so awkward – now I’ve become numb to it. I have met such a diverse range of people and have gained so many invaluable life skills.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of being on the committee and have made friends for life. I’d especially loved last year when I was Co-President with the current VP Welfare, Hollie. I’d recommend it to anyone because you’ll never experience anything quite like it and it’ll make you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs/placements.

If you’re interested in joining our committee and making a difference to students’ sexual health, then feel free to message our Facebook page ‘CU Sexual Health Awareness Group – SHAG’ or just give us a like to keep up to date with any campaigns that we run.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @sexualhealthCU. So, for now, stay safe and let us try to make your student life a little bit easier. Sexual health is an issue that can affect all of us at some point or another, so it’s worth knowing where you can go when you need a bit of help. Love SHAG x

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