What to do if you’re spending the holidays alone

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After a hard few months of lectures and seminars, we all well and truly deserve a break. However, for a lot of students, the holidays mean having to stay in empty halls and spend most of their days cramming in revision at the Arts and Social Sciences Library. Although it’s nice to think that everyone is spending their holiday season engaging in festive activities and surrounded by the people they love, for some people it’s not just possible. However, spending the holidays on your own doesn’t have to be as lonely as it seems.

If none of your friends are staying back over the holidays, then try knocking on the doors of other flats in your accommodation. There’s bound to be someone who’s in the same situation as you and wants a little company for a few hours a day. However, if you’re a little too awkward to do that, then try posting on your accommodations Facebook page to ask if anyone else is going to be there. If you manage to find a crowd of people who are in the same boat, make the most of it and plan a Christmas dinner or go shopping on Boxing Day together. It’s a great way to make some new friends and get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Of course, you could also try and persuade one of your housemates to let you crash at theirs’s for a few days over the holidays. I’m sure their parents would appreciate someone who actually helps set the table without complaining.

It’s important to remember that you aren’t the only person who may be spending the holidays alone. Cardiff has one of the highest homeless populations in the UK and dozens of people will be spending Christmas on their own on the streets. If you have the time and money, make a few sandwiches and get a few pairs of gloves or scarves to hand out on Christmas Day. Not only will it give them someone to talk to, but is also a really rewarding experience in general. If you post in Cardiff University groups online, you’ll definitely find people willing to help out on the day!

Make the most of your time alone. Exam season is just around the corner and you’re more than likely to have a few deadlines coming up. Appreciate the fact that you may have your house or flat to yourself and blast some music out and start getting some hard-core revision done. I take it as an opportunity to walk around in my underwear for a few days and order take out for every meal without my housemates there to judge me.

Spending the holiday season alone isn’t ideal, but it’s also some time to do a little self-reflecting before the New Year comes your way. Like I said, make the most out of your time alone and get your life back on track as first term comes to an end. When all else fails dance to Taylor Swift as much as you want, no one is there to judge you.

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